PRICE: 250 € / day

VAN IVECO GRUA automatic transmission, 9 person IVECO sailing van prepared for big sailing teams (separated transportation space & equipment space)

PRICE: 125 € / day

VAN FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 9 person - manual transmission
9 person Transit Custom smaller and easier to ride around and still spacious

PRICE: 100 € / day​

ROAD TRAILER: Double axes road trailer prepared to fit one RIB and 4 x 420 It has 2 axes, handbrake, LED lamps, mast shelves

PRICE: 180 € / day

RIB: VSR blue coachboat 5,8 R with yamaha 70hp 4 stroke engine Rib has charging 12v slot, mobile phone case and big

PRICE: 150 € / day

Coaching service with daily briefing/ debriefing

PRICE: 150 € / day

420 NAUTIVELA SET (ready to sail without sails) - hull, top cover, trolley, superspars rig (minimal order: 2 boats / 3 days)

other service

The other service that we provide, you will find in other pages, they are among others:
Port facilities: General facilities: the accessibility to all of the port’s facilities such as: parking, boat berthing, showers, bathrooms, storage, ramp, classroom, gym, cran PRICE PER DAY PER PERSON 5-10 Euro depends on order
Airport transfer shuttle service 50 EURO PER 8 PERSON ////// all prices exluding VAT


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