About us


the sailing equipment dealer and coaching centre
We organize sailing camps and charter boats in order to deliver the perfect solution for regatta teams.
We are a couple of sailing maniacs who do not stop sailing for the winter brake. 
We have developed a program to support sailing groups from all over the world by organizing sailing camps from basics to olimpic level. 
We have prepared for your disposal: 
  • 10 x 420 Nautivela+superspars boat,
  • 3 x coachboat
  • 2 x 9pers. van + full set road trailer
  • 1x compact towing car
  • 9 mountain bikes
  • accomodation and meals
  • everything in high standards and low rates.

We’d love to host you in our apartments and restaurant and support your sailing projects with our sailing facilities.
We will host you at our spot and show you around, or we can deliver you charter set tailored for your order,,
 to any place in Europe or even other venues.
Just write or call us and ask for Van, RIB, 4 boats on a trailer and we will deliver your order wherever you want. Really, with Golden Boats it became that easy! 


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